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Why we do what we do.

About Us

ONEE’s mission is to change how young women support one another and how positive relationships are built. The company aims to empower girlfriends with technology-enabled fashion that facilitates fun and more discreet peer-to-peer communication.

Alison Lyness and Michele Choi founded ONEE in their first year at Harvard Business School, along with Head of Technology Aaron Whittemore and classmates George Hart and Ryan Orley.

ONEE was first conceptualized as a line of defense against campus sexual assault, after the founders returned to a university-setting after several years and were shocked to see that this issue still remains at epidemic levels, despite significant resources and attention. 1 in 4 women reported in a 2015 survey — including respondents from California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth University, Harvard University, University of Arizona, University of Florida, and Washington University — that they had experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact during their undergraduate years. The ONEE team vowed to take a fresh look at the issue and to see if their collective skillsets, backgrounds, and interests could present an innovative solution to add to the existing ecosystem of education/training and products currently offered.

The company’s smart jewelry products aim to enable more effective bystander intervention and encourage better accountability behaviors between friends.

Michele Choi

Head of Marketing

Experience at McKinsey & Company focused on Consumer and Retail clients and at Archetypes, an e-commerce startup, in Marketing & Business Development.

Alison Lyness

Head of Finance

Experience at Jefferies in investment banking and Capital Dynamics in private equity investing, as well as at Marvin Traub Associates, a consumer business development firm.


Aaron Whittemore

Head of Technology

Experience at Raytheon as a multi-disciplined engineer, having worked with both hardware and software products, as well as at TripAdvisor in product management.

Have a question or comment? Leave us a note.

Have a question or comment? Leave us a note.

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