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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pre-Order/Reserve Campaign

Q. What should I expect from pre-ordering/reserving now? Why can’t I just get it now?

It is important to us to ensure ONEE is working efficiently and effectively. Thus, we have taken a “Kickstarter-approach” to product development — before we charge you for the product, we want to ensure that a) there are enough “buddies” committed to trying ONEE to make a real impact and b) we have enough data from product tests to ensure reliability and seamless functionality before we finalize for manufacturing.

Q. So I won’t be charged for my pre-order immediately? 

Correct. We only charge once we have reached a minimum quantity target for production (again, think: Kickstarter or Indiegogo).  We are working with TiltPro to make the ordering process as seamless as possible. Some may see an “authorization” from TiltPro but, no funds are debited. See more about their process here.  We will send you an e-mail on the date that we have reached minimum quantity requirements and thus, have charged your debit or credit card.  If you change your mind about your pre-order at any time prior to shipment, you can cancel your order by e-mailing

Q. Why should I reserve now? 

For our earliest trend-setters who reserve ONEEs now, you receive a special promotion price to save up to $90 (on a bracelet pair) off our retail price of $125 per bracelet. Also, by pre-ordering now, you help us get to our goal of ensuring there is a strong community that ONEE can play a part in.

Q. What happens if you don’t meet minimum pre-order volume requirements? 

As a young startup, it’s a priority to be respectful of your time and money, as well as our own! If we cannot meet our target by our first capsule deadline, customers will not be charged at all. So if you are interested in ONEE, help us spread the word and/or let us know what we can do to hit our targets and get bracelets shipped to you by Fall 2017! 

Shipping & Returns

Q. When will I receive my ONEE order?

Current shipping estimates are scheduled for Fall 2017. Please be aware there may be unanticipated delays but we are working hard to get you and your best friend synced with ONEE ASAP and we’ll keep you updated. You will receive notice from our pre-order partner TiltPro when your order has shipped.

Q. Where do you ship to? 

We currently ship only in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii). If you are excited to get your hands on an ONEE but you’re located internationally, send us an email at and we’ll be sure to keep your country on our radar as we expand to new locations!

Q. What is your return policy? 

We hope all users will be fully satisfied with the ONEE experience but just in case, we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Please ensure you include all accessories, user manual and the original box to get a full refund. You can request a refund by emailing info@wearonee.comWe encourage all prospective users of our products and services to review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in their entirety.

Product & Functionality

Q. What is included in my purchase?

Each ONEE purchase comes with a bracelet, a micro-USB charger, free access to our iOS app, and a brief user manual.

Q. What are the dimensions of the ONEE bracelet?

Our Classic bracelet is designed as OSFM (one size fits most) with its adjustable strap and should fit wrists 5.5″-7.7″ (14.0 cm-19.6 cm).

Q. What materials is the ONEE bracelet made of? 

ONEE is designed using leather, plated metal and silicone rubber for the case backing.

Q. What colors are ONEE bracelets available in?

Currently we offer Classic black and white designs but have many more in the hopper to fit everyone’s personalities in no time. Feel free to suggest design ideas to us as well at We want to make ONEE a fashion statement that every girl is proud to wear.

Q. How do I recharge my ONEE? How long is the battery life? 

The ONEE recharges much like many of your electronic devices – via a micro-USB charger (one is included with purchase). We recommend plugging it in before you go out or overnight after you’re home. Current battery life is estimated at around 6 hours.

Q. Is it possible to pair my ONEE with multiple users?

Though our technology is capable of syncing three or more ONEE bracelets, the ONEE Classic will initially allow only for one-to-one pairing for the sake of simplicity, before we introduce additional features.

Q. Will my ONEE work even if I’m not close to my buddy?

Yes! You could be separated by miles, even countries from your buddy and you’d still receive ONEE signals as long as you are within 10 meters of your phone and connected to Bluetooth.

Q. Do I have to be close to my phone for my ONEE to work? What if my phone dies? 

What’s great about the ONEE bracelet is that it works even when your phone is out of reach (up to 10 meters / ~30 feet — the size of a large room at a house party). Currently the device does require connection to an active phone but If your partner’s phone dies, you can always disconnect and connect with another buddy who’s phone is live.


Context & Company

Q. Who are the founders of the company?

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs currently at Harvard Business School, coming from various walks of life and wanting to make a lasting impact. You can read more about us here.

Q. Where does the name ONEE come from?

ONEE, pronounced oh-nee, is a derivative of ‘unni’ – the Korean word for ‘older sister’, and a term of respect and endearment`.

Q. Is ONEE solely for parties?

No! We believe ONEE will bring benefits to any scenario where friendship and accountability can empower women. Whether you’re “nudging” a friend to go with you for a run, or just sending them a subtle reminder that you’re thinking of them, ONEE encourages positive relationships and celebrates how friendship improves our well-being.

Q. Why can’t women use their phones to intervene in uncomfortable situations?

Educators we have spoken to often tell young women they cannot rely on their phones as a first line of defense. Firstly, phones are often out of reach. Many women carry their phones in their purses, making it difficult to sense the phone’s vibrations and tough to hear the phone’s ring in a loud environment. Furthermore, the bright glare of a phone’s screen is often too conspicuous in scenarios where individuals want a friend to intervene. Our research suggests women would be more comfortable with a more discreet form of communication.

Q. If ONEE becomes widely recognized, could that decrease its efficacy as a means for intervention?

Beyond our initial “ONEE Classic” design, we ultimately envision a full suite of products in a variety of form factors and designs. This will include collaborations with contemporary jewelry designers for future models, as well as a system in which users can design their own ONEE. We believe this broadened product assortment will reduce the likelihood any one model is distinctly recognizable.

Q. What is ONEE doing about men who are at risk of sexual assault?

The close friendship often formed between young women is core to ONEE’s brand ethos. We believe that cultivating and celebrating these special relationships can encourage accountability between girls and ultimately help them feel emboldened and supported even in uncomfortable social scenarios. However, we believe men too urgently need tools to make them safer. The aforementioned survey by the AAU suggests 1 in 16 men will experience unwanted sexual contact during their undergraduate experience. In addition, we recognize men and women can be proper accountability partners for each other. Therefore, we hope to expand our product portfolio in the future to include more gender-neutral aesthetics.


Have a question or comment? Leave us a note.

Have a question or comment? Leave us a note.

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